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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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JLo Horace Mann
there are, for now one hears of nothing but the Broad Bottom: it is the reigning cant word, and means, the taking all parties and people, indifferently, into the ministry. The Whigs are the dupes of this; and those in the Opposition affirm that Tories no longer exist. Notwithstanding this, they will not come into the new ministry, unless what were always reckoned Tories are admitted. The Treasury has gone a-begging; I mean one of the lordships, which is at last filled up with a Major Compton9, a relation of Lord Wilmington; but now we shall see a new scene. On Tuesday night Mr. Pulteney went to the Prince, and, without the knowledge of Argyll, &c., prevailed on him to write to the King: he was so long determining, that it was eleven at night before the King received his letter. Yesterday morning the Prince, attended by two of his lords, two Grooms of the Bedchamber, and Lord Scarborough10, his treasurer, went to the King's levee. The King said, ' How does the Princess do? I hope she is well.' The Prince kissed his hand, and this was all 1 He returned to Carlton House, whither crowds went to him. He spoke to the Duke of Newcastle and Mr. Pelham ; but would not to the three dukes, Richmond, Grafton, and Maiiboroughu. At night the Eoyal Family were all at the Duchess of Norfolk's, and the streets were illuminated and bonfired. To-day, the Duke of Bedford, Lord Halifax, and some others, were at St. James's: the King spoke to all the lords. In a day or
9  Hon.   George   Oompton   (1692-1758), Major of the seoond troop of Horse-Guards; brother of fifth Earl of Northampton, whom he succeeded in   1764.   M.P.  for Northampton; Lord of the Treasury, 1742-44.
10   Thomas   Lumley - Saunderson (oiro. 1690-1752), third Earl of Scarborough; served in the army; Envoy to  Lisbon, 1721-25;   Treasure^   to the Prince of Wales, 1788-51.
11  Charles   Spencer   (1706-1758),
third Duke of Marlborotigh; served in the army; distinguished himself at the battle of Dettingen, 1748 ; commanded the expedition against St. Malo, 1758; commanded in, Germany, 1758; Lord of the Bedchamber, 1788; KG., 1741; Lord Steward of the Household, 1749-65 ; Lord Privy Seal, Jan.-Deo. 1755; Master General of the Ordnance, 1755-58.